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EP.20 [CN] - DT:Decred的混合共识与集体智慧 / On Decred‘s Hybrid Consensus and Collective Wisdom

Episode Summary

Decred以其结合PoW和PoS的独特混合共识而闻名。尽管Decred在西方拥有非常活跃的社区,但Decred在中国较为低调。今天,我邀请了Decred在中国的贡献者DT谈论Decred及其愿景。 Decred is known by its unique hybrid consensus that combines PoW and PoS. While it has a very active community in the west, Decred is relatively low profile in China. Today I invited a Decred contributor in China, DT, to talk about Decred and its vision.

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In this episode, DT walked us through why he considered the hybrid consensus is the more ideal approach. 

Specifically, DT talked about some of the problems in Bitcoin (and its community) and how the Decred team attempted to solve them. He also touched upon how Decred tried to attract more active contribution to the Decred community via the POS participation. 

This conversation elaborates a lot about what the Decred core contributors believe to be the "collective wisdom". It points out a more natural approach of community growth, one that is quite different from what we are used to (or the approach that many smart contract platforms adopt) these days. 


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