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EP.27 [CN] - 刘杰 Jie Liu: MCDEX的探索与DeFi更广阔的机会 / On MCDEX's Journey and the Massive Opportunities in DeFi

Episode Summary

MCDEX最近发布了其v3,并将很快与Arbitrum共同发布其主网。在本集中,我和刘杰聊起了他在带领团队建设MCDEX的过程中取得的收获,团队对以太坊二层网络选择的评估,以及DeFi中的更多机会。 MCDEX recently launched its v3 and will be co-launching its mainnet with Arbitrum soon. In this episode Jie and I chatted about his take-aways in his journey building MCDEX, the team's evaluation of Layer 2s, and the further opportunities in DeFi.

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Jie Liu is the founder of MCDEX. During the past year, MCDEX has been exploring the space of decentralized Bitmex, and applied its take-aways in the evolution of MCDEX. In this episode we chatted about the details of these iterations and the intentional trade-offs in the design space. 

MCDEX has spent quite some time in reviewing all the available Layer 2 options on Ethereum - it's interesting to hear the perspective of a DeFi builder in the team's choice. We also chatted about the  edges and disadvantages of Chinese teams in building Web3 applications, and some of the opportunities further down the road in DeFi. 


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MCDEX Website:https://mcdex.io/


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