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EP.29 [EN] - Tascha Punyaneramitdee: Scaling DeFi Problem Solving with the Alpha Launchpad / 用Alpha Launchpad 规模化 DeFi解决方案

Episode Summary

We previously had Tascha, Project Lead of Alpha Finance Lab, to talk about the success of Alpha Homora on 51%. This episode is her second time joining the show. We focused our conversation on the progress of their roadmap, and most importantly, the details about Alpha Launchpad program. 我们之前有在伍拾壹说请Alpha 的项目负责人 Tascha 来讨论 Alpha Homora。这一集是她第二次参加伍拾壹说。我们将谈话的重点放在了他们路线图的进展上,以及近期推出的 Alpha Launchpad 计划的细节。

Episode Notes

Alpha Finance Lab started its exploration as a DeFi problem solving hub by delivering products that capture unaddressed demand in an innovative and user friendly way. Two days ago, Alpha Finance Lab announced the launch of Alpha Launchpad, formally starting the first incubator program in DeFi created by builders to help other builders launch and grow. 

Tascha in this episode reviewed with us the journey that the team went through since Alpha Finance Lab launched in 2020. A primary focus of our conversation was on how Alpha Launchpad incubator program will bring tremendous growth to Alpha Finance Lab, developers & builders in the space, and the overall DeFi product ecosystem. We went through a couple topics, including the value accrual to the ALPHA token, as well as the potential support to the developers who participate in the Launchpad. 

If you are building something cool and looking for some systematic support, you should give this episode a listen! 


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Alpha Finance Lab 最初在DeFi的探索是通过捕捉未满足的需求提供创新和用户友好的的DeFi产品开始的。前两天,Alpha Finance Lab宣布启动Alpha Launchpad,正式启动了DeFi中第一个由建设者创建的孵化器计划,以帮助其他建设者启动和成长。

本集中 Tascha 与我们一起回顾了自 Alpha Finance Lab 于 2020 年启动以来该团队所经历的旅程。我们谈话的主要聚焦在 Alpha Launchpad 孵化器计划将如何为 Alpha Finance Lab、该领域的开发建设者,以及整个 DeFi 产品生态系统带来巨大的增长。我们讨论了几个主题,包括 Alpha Launchpad 将如何赋能 ALPHA 代币,以及能对参与 Launchpad 的开发者们提供的支持。



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