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EP.34 [CN] - Maple Leaf Capital / Qiao Wang: 一场放飞自我的治理讨论 / A Happy Governance Chit Chat

Episode Summary

最近,社区对去中心化协议 DAO 的治理给予了很多关注。于是我邀请了Maple Leaf Capital 和 Qiao Wang 到伍拾壹说和我一起随便聊聊治理。 A lot of community attention was given to the governance in decentralized protocol DAOs lately. Hence I thought of this idea to invite Maple Leaf Capital and Qiao Wang to join me at 51% to talk about anything relevant to the governance.

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This episode is a casual chat among three friends about decentralized governance. 

We talked about the degree of power division / representation, the balance between efficiency and democracy. We also chatted about the possibilities of governance breakdown in the existing practices. At the end, we talked about the potential of a few existing products going into a decentralized social app.

The conversation was an absolutely BLAST. A lot of interesting points. You should definitely tune in!


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