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EP.43 [EN] - Thanh Le: Coin98's Journey in the Global Multichain-verse / Coin98 在全球多链宇宙中的旅程

Episode Summary

Coin98 started from Vietnam and was able expanded its global user base in a very short period of time. In this episode I invited Thanh Le, the co-founder of Coin98 to talk about their product strategy, his view of the multichain world, and how he sees wallet fit in the Web3 stack. Coin98从越南起步,并在很短的时间内扩大了其全球用户群。在这一集中,我邀请了 Coin98 的联合创始人 Thanh Le 谈论他们的产品策略、他对多链世界的看法以及他如何看待钱包在 Web3 堆栈的定位。

Episode Notes

In the past 51% never invited anyone from Vietnam to join the episodes. This time we were able to get Thanh Le, the co-founder of Coin98 to talk about the growth and the vision of the project. 

He started with introducing the product strategy of Coin98 brand. He then talked about why they're applying a multichain strategy, particularly the success with engaging Solana early. We also discussed why Coin98 incubated projects in the Terra and Solana ecosystem. 

A highlight of this episode is where Thanh talked about his view about DeFi Superapp - a question that I also spent a lot of time thinking. At the end I asked a challenging question of what the ultimate state of the wallet sector is. Let's tune in and listen what Thanh has to say!


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在过去,51% 的人从未邀请过任何来自越南的人参与录制。这次我们有机会请到Coin98的联合创始人Thanh Le来谈谈Coin98钱包的成长和愿景。

他首先介绍了Coin98品牌的产品策略。然后他谈到了他们为什么要应用多链策略,尤其是早期接入 Solana 所获得的成功。我们还讨论了为什么 Coin98 在 Terra 和 Solana 生态系统中孵化项目。

这一集的一个亮点是 Thanh 谈到了他对 DeFi Superapp 的看法——一个我也花了很多时间思考的问题。最后,我问了一个具有挑战性的问题,即钱包赛道的最终状态是什么。让我们听听 Thanh 怎么说吧!


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