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EP.44 [EN] - Dmitriy Berenzon: On the Crosschain Solutions and their Trade-offs / 关于各种跨链解决方案与取舍

Episode Summary

In this Episode I invited Dmitriy Berenzon to talk about the multichain future and the trade-offs in the various crosschain solutions. 在这一集中,我邀请了 Dmitriy Berenzon 讨论多链的未来以及各种跨链解决方案的权衡。

Episode Notes

A few weeks back, Dmitriy wrote an article about the cross-chain bridges. As more activities took off on the EVM chains, Solana and Terra, I invited Dmitriy to talk about the crosschain designs and their trade-offs on 51%.

We started off the discussion by a simple question "why cross-chain is important". Then we dived into the different buckets that Dmitriy categorized the different cross-chain solutions into. For the detailed categorization, please read: https://medium.com/1kxnetwork/blockchain-bridges-5db6afac44f8

We also talked about the red ocean competition of all the cross-chain solutions and how can a specific solution stand out. In addition to L1s, we also discussed the future of L2s. 


Twitter: @dberenzon


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几周前,Dmitriy 写了一篇关于跨链桥的文章。随着越来越多的活动在 EVM 链、Solana 和 Terra 上展开,我邀请 Dmitriy 谈论跨链设计及其对 51% 的权衡。

我们从一个简单的问题“为什么跨链很重要”开始讨论。然后我们深入研究了 Dmitriy 将不同的跨链解决方案归入的不同类别。详细分类请阅读:https://medium.com/1kxnetwork/blockchain-bridges-5db6afac44f8

我们还谈到了所有跨链解决方案的红海竞争,以及一个特定的解决方案如何能脱颖而出。除了 L1,我们还讨论了 L2 的未来。


推特:  @dberenzon


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