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EP.50 [CN] - Yawn, Jerry & Jason: Move2Earn 应用 STEPN 的爆款之路 / the Move2Earn Application StepN's Path towards Mass Adoption

Episode Summary

在这一集中,STEPN 的联合创始人 Yawn 和 Jerry 以及 Folius Ventures 的创始人 Jason(Maple Leaf Capital) 和我们一起讨论了 STEPN 如何致力成为一个流行的生活方式应用。我们还讨论了 GameFi 中的经济设计。 In this episode Yawn and Jerry, the cofounders of STEPN, as well as Jason (Maple Leaf Capital), the founder of Folius Ventures, joined us to talk about how STEPN strives to become a popular lifestyle application. We also spent some time discussing the economics design in GameFi.

Episode Notes

在这一集中,我们邀请了三位嘉宾:STEPN 的联合创始人 Yawn & Jerry,以及STEPN 种子轮的领投方 Folius Ventures 的创始人 Jason。

我们开始讨论为什么作为连续创业者的 Yawn 和 Jerry 决定尝试 Move2Earn 的创业想法。他们三人还讨论了他们为什么认为 STEPN 团队最有可能做出具有大规模采用潜力的生活方式和社交的应用。

联合创始人们分享了他们对团队管理和流量增长的一些关键见解。然后,我们将讨论的重点转移到了 Web3 游戏的经济设计上。创始人们还分享了他们早期的创业经历。这是我在伍拾壹说里主持过的最有深度的聊天之一。


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网站: https://stepn.com/



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In this episode we hosted three guests: Yawn & Jerry, the cofounders of STEPN, and Jason, the founder of Folius Ventures and a lead investor in the seed round of STEPN. 

We started the discussion with why Yawn and Jerry, both as serial entrepreneurs, decided to go after the start-up idea of Move2Earn. Three of them also discussed their view on why they believe that the team at STEPN best suits to deliver a lifestyle and social application with a huge potential of mass adoption. 

The cofounders shared some of their key insights of team management and traction boostrapping. We then shifted our focus of discussion to the economics design in Web3 games. They also shared their early entrepreneurial experience. It's one of the most insightful chats that I ever had at 51%. 


Twitter: @Stepnofficial

Website: https://stepn.com/


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